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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Expired Items

I am posting more from  my expired items from  the expired listings in my shop. They are no longer in the shop so if you are interested in any piece please let me know and I will list them for you. You still can use the coupon code expired20 for 20% off on any finished piece listed here until the end of this week.  Get yourself  something for this holiday or for someone you love. Thanks for looking.

                        Red Velvet  Faceted Crystal With Sterling Silver Necklace $55

                      Red Velvet Faceted Crystal Bracelet  $29

                     Amethyst chandelier Drop Earrings $30

                  Yellow Rondelle Crystal Dangles  $20

                     Tanzanite Purple and Black Crystal Earrings $25

                        FULL STRAND Purple Graduated Nuggets Jade  $20

                            Sea Green Jade Round Beads Necklace  $92

                                Sea Green Jade Round Beads Necklace With Earrings $39

                                 Gray Silver Foiled Lampwork Teardrop Necklace  $30

                Rose Quartz Necklace  $60


  1. Biji... your creations are gorgeous!!!

  2. What a fun thing to do with expired listings! Nice work!

  3. What a great way to handle expired listings! Also, I was wondering how do you get the white border around your pictures?

  4. beautiful! good idea to do expired listings

  5. That`s clever putting expired listings here!!! smart girl :D

  6. This is a great idea to do this and I hope it is working well for you! Your jewelry is beautiful - they will sell! I'm wondering how you get the white border around your pictures, too.

  7. such beauties you make Biji! *sigh*

  8. love them all especially the Sea Green Jade necklace!

  9. Very nice pieces!! and great prices too!

  10. uniquecozytreasures- really nice jewelry.


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