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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Item Was Made It On Front Page Of Etsy

I woke up this morning and found  out that my shop was made it on front page of  Etsy.  This is my second time that I was featured there. I got hearts and views last night and now hoping to get few sales too. Thanks for looking.
I want to thank Anna for curating this beautiful treasury!


You can find more colors of faceted crystals here

Thanks you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

These were my goals for 2011

1- Read  the emails that Etsy sends everyday
2- Improve my pictures and work harder on my descriptions
3- Make more jewelry and  list at least 5 items a week, this gives my shop more views and visits
4- Make 120 sales for 2011
5- Learn how to blog and start working on blogging once a week
6- Have more than 100 followers on my blog and more than 200 followers on my Facebook
7- To be encouraged to ask the boutiques owners to sell my jewelry there
8- Search and learn more on how to participate on successful  shows

And this is what I achieved  in  my Etsy shop for the year 2011
1.In 2011.. I don't read them all but I read once in a while.
2. In 2011.. I worked harder on improving my pictures and I think I got better photos than before
3. In 2011..I made more finished jewelry and listed more than 5 items a week.
4. In 2011.. My sale goals were to make the whole year 120 sales. My shop last year had only finished jewelry and no supplies only few items. I decided to sell supplies for jewelry Makers.  So as for today I had more than 850 sales instead of 120 sales. (My goal for this was way way more than I imagined or I thought will be in 3 years but it HAPPENED!)
5. In 2011.. I blogged  2-3 times a month.
6. In 2011.. I have 112 follower in my blog.
7. In 2011 I didn't sell in any consignment shops yet.
8. In 2011... I participated in less shows than last year.

  I am thankful to have a best team ever  in Etsy♥ Promotional Frenzy Team ♥ The members of this team always helped me and they still help me all the time. They are always there for me and I always get  lot of words of encouragement and support from everyone. Thank you PFT!♥
 I am going to work harder for this coming year of 2012 and hoping for better!!