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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Two gorgeous gifts I got.

I was very fortunate enough last week to get two free gifts from two wonderful sellers in Etsy!

Galla15 had a Treasure Hunt Giveaway of one of her Swarovski Rings in her shop.I was the lucky one to win the giveaway from Galla's shop, a gorgeous peridot ring.
Galla15 is selling really beautiful crystal rings,earrings, and stunning button necklaces. Also my husband bought me a matching earrings and he picked the Peridot because it's my birthstone.
I recommend Galla15 to everyone to own a piece or more of her jewelry.
Thank you Janet for your generosity :) I wish you the best! 

My second gift I got from crochetedbycharlene. I made  her 100th sales in her shop and she was offering a free gift to anyone make her 100 sales.  The gift was a very soft and chic neckwarmer. 

Charlene's shop has lot of cute stuffed animals, slippers, scarfs, small business cards cases, and so many neat and good quality finds. You have to go look for yourself. 

I wish you the best in your shop with lot of sales!


   Please make sure to go and visit their shops! Enjoy your time shopping there:)

 Oops, I must say my three gifts and forgot  my husband's gift! Lol

Thank you honey for your lovely earrings :)                                                                

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New sections in my shop

I added two more sections in my shop. One is sale  section for the about expiring items  and one for my new line of gemstones and supplies.

I am still working on adding few items everyday and I hope my shop  reach 200  items in the next two months.
Here are some of my items I will add to my shop next few weeks.
Don't forget to tell me which one I have to add first  :)

Thanks for looking!
Black Onyx  Jasper Teardrop Pendant

                                             Fiery Red Natural Jasper Donut

                                                    Round Malachite Stone

                                                     Natural Lapis Lazuli Stick

                                           Round Crystalized Magnetic Clasps





Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are you participating in any craft show this year?

Most of my friends from the frenzy thread selling jewelry. These tips follows not only if you are selling jewelry but I think it's good also if you sell any kind of craft.
I want to share with you some of the tips.

Jewelry craft shows are everywhere. If you are a jewelry artist- entrepreneur, this is a very important time of the year when you can make it or break it.

There are several options. Flea market, small church and fund raising events, indoor arts and craft shows and then mega scale big arts and craft shows are there to choose from.. Some times these shows are juried,

 meaning you have to send them pictures of your product or link of your on line web site and the judges will decide if your product is right for the show.

Some times there are jewelry craft shows that are less relaxed with commercial vendors allowed to sell things that are not necessarily hand made.

Which shows are right for you? How would decide and then get ready to do a good job, impress your buyers with great products and service? How would you display your products and price them? What are the tips that you must remember for optimum profits?

What is the style of the jewelry craft show that you are thinking of participating?:

What is the style of the show? Is it country style, or traditional, modern, or mixed with commercial vendors or is it a highly artistic type ?

Does the style match with you and your product? What is the fee of the booth and what does it include? Is electricity provided? Would the customers have to pay admission fees too? What price range worked best?

These questions should be answered by the promoter and past vendors.

Where is the jewelry craft show going to be that you are thinking of joining?

Where is it going to be? Is that too far from your home? Do you have to fly or drive for three hours? Do you have to rent a motel? Is it out side? In that case if you have to bring a tent and all the other things are you prepared for that? Is the show outside or inside? Be clear to ask regarding parking options and the rules that you have to follow.

Who are the potential customers coming to this jewelry craft show?
ho are coming? Are they mostly affluent people looking for high end sophisticate jewelry, or are they teenagers from a nearby college campus expecting a different style and price structure? Is it

 a juried show or do you have to compete with mass produced commercial, cheaper stuff?

How is this jewelry craft show going to be?

How is the show going to be? Would it be out in the open field, or around the downtown streets where you have to put up your 10'x10'booth on concrete? How will you bring electricity or are you thinking of buying a generator? How do earlier vendors like this show?

How was the traffic last year? How long is this show going on - for how many years?

These questions must be answered by the promoter.

When is this jewelry craft show that you are thinking of joining going to be?

When is it happening? In the wee hour of the weekend or does it stay up until midnight?

Remember you have to be there at least a couple of hours before it opens to regular customers. Or, are there any rules regarding that you must know?. How may the weather affect the show, your sale and your energy level at that time of the year?

Are there other shows happening simultaneously at the same vicinity? That will affect the traffic in your show too. Such information about jewelry craft show ideas are easily available if you do the research.

Many professional vendors are successful in high traffic shows, even if they were more stressful. These jewelry craft shows are hard to get in some times, and the booth fees are more expensive.

But research shows that in the end the artist-vendors were more satisfied and made better profit.

Then again, if you are new in this field you may try step by step starting with indoor shows, build up your clientele and inventory and gradually move to more competitive jewelry craft shows.

Philip Kadubec in his book Crafts and craft shows says that it is worth preparing yourself to compete for those juried competitive shows with great artists. . In the beginning you may just break in but eventually as you learn from your experiences and mistakes and get your clientele, it is far more profitable and gratifying than playing safe in smaller, less challenging fields.

Yet, you must know yourself best and go from there once you are clear with all these craft show ideas

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Promotional Frenzy Team!

I would like to introduce you to a yummy, spicy, and  lovely shop in our team!


I asked Patricia (Dellcovespices) about how do they started  their spices shop on Etsy and this is her awesome story.

Patricia said: 

My husband started up the shop last fall as a way to do something with his free time when our jobs forced us to temporarily live in two different cities (he's in the Midwest, I'm on the West Coast). I started helping him out with ideas, and was drawn to the online community here on Etsy.

Part of the reason he did it was to help pay for the cost of plane tickets to fly back and forth, so we could see one another.

But then, we both found it to be a blast. We both love to cook and were always finding out of the way places with interesting restaurants, rural food auctions, unusual grocery stores, etc. We both have friends and family that are somehow tied to food and agriculture.

And then, a number of friends started talking about how they were entertaining at home, cooking at home, and were hungry for new ways to spice up their cooking.

So...spices. And that led to us both looking around and realizing that we just wanted to make stuff that we enjoyed eating ourselves. So far, it seems to be working!

 What a wonderful story! Aren't you agree with me?




                                       Off course and don't forget to look at this! 


Valentine red cocktail sugar crystals. 

                              Toast love with festive sugar-rimmed glasses.